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Welcome to my personal website. Here you'll find some of the things I've worked on and wrote about and that somehow ended up here. Maybe spend some time listening to (and playing around with) the Interactive Video Clip, or if you are into code, browse a repository of mine on Github.

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a creative coding library written in C++

Framework is a creative coding library that evolved from various gamejams, media arts projects and indie games I worked on over the years. Being born out of the need to quickly prototype games during gamejams, its design is very much pragmatic and geared towards fast iteration cycles and prototyping. However, since I started using it more and more for serious work, performance, quality and robustness received a lot of attention too. I very much enjoy using Framework for my day to day experimenting. Coding should be a joyful experience, and I hope to share this joy with you!

Framework on Github

Residency at the Spatial Sound Institute

I made a spatial sound composition using 4DSOUND's spatial sound engine, at the unique space run by the Spatial Sound Institute (SSI) in Budapest. The work was composed of a custom made app, that used a combination of a real-time generative simulation of objects innhabiting a virtual space, and a performance mode interface allowing for the intervention of what's going on during the performance.

Short description and media

Spatial Sound Institute (SSI)


the grooop

Interactive Video Clip