Marcel Smit
Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Januari 1, 2017


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Framework is a creative coding library written in C++. It uses SDL for basic cross platform support and OpenGL for drawing.



The Framework creative coding library started out as a small yet powerful library that filled the need for quickly prototyping games during the Global Game Jams of 2013, 2014 and 2015. Alongside working as a full time game technology programmer, I was also involved in various creative projects where I designed and authored real-time visuals. Making visuals is different from making games, but having a powerful library at your disposal for drawing 2D and 3D scenes, loading images and sounds, and with built-in support for shaders it a big help. I slowly extended Framework during the course of these project to include CPU and GPU profiling, reloading of shaders and any other type of resource as assets are updated, high-precision render targets (called surfaces), and more. Oh yeah.. and on top of Framework I built a multi-threaded media player than can handle up to 24 movies simultanously on my laptop. :-)


- Cross platform window management, OpenGL setup and mouse and keyboard support through SDL.
- Sprite, Sound, Keyboard, Mouse and Gamepad classes.
- Real-time editing. Your assets will update in real-time as they change.
- Sparse, pragmatic API. A lot of things like playing a sound or loading a texture can be accomplishing using only one line of code.
- Fast drawing API on top of OpenGL. It supports modern shader usage, but also support legacy-style gxBegin(..), gxVertex2f, gxEnd style of rendering, for fast prototyping.
- TrueType Text drawing API based on top of FreeType.
- Multiple Signed Distance Field text drawing API for scale independent anti-aliased font rendering.

AV Graph

With Framework having matured, I started building more and more things on top of it. While Framework provides an excellent base for building creative applications, I found tweaking and editing scenes for my visuals to be a tedious process. I had a desire for a process which enabled me to quickly prototype things and immediately see the results of what I'm doing. I desired a process where I could more freely remix the elements I had built into something new. So from there on out I started building AV Graph. AV Graph is a node based editing environment built on top of Framework. I intend to use a AV Graph as a replacement for the text-based editing I did before. The design process for AV Graph is being informed primarily from the experiences gained from working on projects. My current and future experiences and needs will drive this thing forward, hopefully evolving into something that more people will find useful.



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