Here you'll find some of the things I've worked on and wrote about.

Residency at 4DSOUND

Short description and media

Framework, a creative coding library written in C++

Framework is a creative coding library that evolved from various gamejams, media arts projects and indie games I worked on over the years. Being born out of the need to quickly prototype games during gamejams, it's design is very much pragmatic and geared towards fast iteration cycles and prototyping. However, since I started using it more and more for serious work, performance, quality and robustness received a lot of attention too. I very much enjoy using Framework for my day to day experimenting. Coding should be a joyful experience, and I hope to share this joy with you!

Framework on Github
Also included are Vfx Graph and Audio Graph

Building a new creative coding environment from scratch is a tremendous amount of work, but love and dedication motivate me to keep making contributions. Your continued support enables me to focus on the thing I love most, so please consider becoming a patron on Patreon!


AV Graph; Node based coding environment

AV Graph is a multi-purpose node based graph editor for direct inclusion into creative coding projects. It's built on top of Framework, and provides an extensive UI for editing graphs.

Graph Editor overview

Vfx Graph; Node based visuals

Vfx Graph, a node based system for making visuals. Combined with AV Graph, it provides a visual editing environment for synthesized visuals.

Vfx Graph introduction

Audio Graph; Node based audio synthesis

Audio Graph, a node based system for synthesized audio. Combined with AV Graph it provides a visual editing environment for audio synthesis and sound design.

Audio Graph introduction

Portfolio webpage

This portfolio webpage gives you a summary of the projects I worked on during my days as a game developer.


Archived things

Framework 'Factsheet'
Framework (2017-09-24) on Bitbucket
Framework (CCL2017) Bitbucket